Jacaranda Tips provides a lot of information that will help you understand the social system in the UK; how to apply for jobs with us and what you can do to prepare.

There are tips about HCPC registration (was GSCC registration) or the relevant professional registration for Wales (Care Council for Wales) and Scotland (Scottish Social Services Council); information on "qualified" and "unqualified" jobs and some useful vocabulary and terminology.

Also, you will find information on planning your move to the UK and a wealth of suggested reading to prepare yourself for your new job.


  • Social Work jobs in the UK
  • How Jacaranda will help you to get a job
  • UK Social Care Councils
  • Overview of the social system
  • Qualified or "unqualified" work
  • Important things to know
  • Writing a good CV
  • Writing a good application form
  • Useful reading 

Reading Jacaranda Tips will give you a good understanding and hopefully answer a lot of your questions when considering to work in the UK in the social sector.

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