Social Pedagogy UK

Recent developments on Social Pedagogy - check Social Pedagogy UK for more information

Jacaranda has been placing social pedagogues from various countries with public and private employers as well as charities for a long time.  


Since the Social Pedagogy pilot projects run by NCERCC in 2007, the interest in Social Pedagogy itself has grown considerably. Between 2009 – 2011 the Department for Education (DfE)  - formerly known as Department for Children, Schools and Families (DSCF) -  funded a longitudinal study looking at the potential contribution Social Pedagogy can make to residential child care in England.


More and more organizations are recruiting Social Pedagogues as well as considering options for training their own workforce in the Social Pedagogic approach. During 2009 there was considerable coverage in national press and more events dedicated to and referring to Social Pedagogy.


This website is a meeting point in the virtual world that allows you to keep yourself informed about what is going on. It contains information about research and evaluation, practice and development, education and training as well as work placements and consultancy opportunities. It also allows you to sign up to a newsletter to receive regular updates on Social Pedagogy.


It is run by Jacaranda Recruitment, the National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care (NCERCC) and the Thomas Coram Research Unit (TCRU) of the Institute of Education and Thempra Social Pedagogy on a voluntary basis.



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